In today’s digitally powered marketplace, most marketers seem to pay less attention to the traditional print media due to the surge in the number of websites, blogs, web journals and e-books. People now read on their mobile devices almost everywhere and the length of time people spend on the screens is rapidly rising. However, with all the focus given to the electronic media, the traditional print media still engages audiences in impressive new ways and help companies retain their customers.

The traditional Print media is extremely important in engagement marketing. The ordinary act of touching a print ad can greatly increase brand perceptions and confidence in a way that the digital media can’t replicate.

Here are a few ways to effectively engage Customers with Print media:

  • Choose unique paper and texture
    Making use of unique papers is a great way to make your print materials special. Papers must not be stale, so be creative. Modern technology is consistently changing paper and bringing brand new choices for distinct marketing materials. Distinct papers range from water-proof papers, papers that illuminates, or a seed papers which shows your brand is eco-friendly.
  • Textured paper
    The sense of touch has a powerful effect on the way we experience the world around us, and employing print marketing methods that engages client sense of touch affects how they ultimately see your business. It is possible to add texture to your marketing materials with the use of textured printing solutions. Once you give your marketing materials a great look and touch, your prospects and customers won’t want to throw them away.
  • Include interactive elements.
    Businesses that have interactive elements in their print marketing materials puts a touch of fun and make their print piece remain in their customers’ custody for a long time. Pop-up elements, QR codes as well as technology supported materials can turn your uninteresting print materials into something totally unique.
  • QR codes
    With QR code readers growing to be pre-loaded options on mobile devices, QR codes remain a fantastic option for print marketing engagement. If paired with the appropriate materials, these codes make it possible for consumers to download a mobile application, visit an information page and so on.
  • Appeal to the sense of smell
    The sense of smell might look like a challenging sense to engage with print marketing materials, but smell is truly the primary reason we prefer print. The smell of a Newspaper or a new book can form great memories that last. Marketers can therefore form unforgettable bonds by captivating their customers’ sense of smell. A number of companies have created fragranced inks to provide their ads a plus and to help tie their ad to the memory of their target market; however you don’t have to create your own ink to attract your audience. You can easily give your ads a distinctive scent by spraying a fragrance on them.
  • Don’t overlooked the envelope
    The envelope is often an ignored element especially in direct mailing. Plain white envelopes can often get lost in a pile of your recipients mail. Hence, your envelope must be unique and make your recipient interested in opening your mail. Consider adding a personal feel like a hand stamp to the envelope.

In spite of the surge in digital marketing, the print media remains a foundation of any profitable business’ marketing campaign. With creativity, your printed materials can become far more engaging and interactive like other digital marketing materials.