A lot of businesses make the mistake of neglecting brochures in favor of digital marketing; brochures play an important role in boosting your business and make a huge statement about your business to prospective customers. A nicely designed brochure is very much a collectible item, not just for its fascinating visual effects, but for the lots of product-specific information highlighted in it.

Let’s have a look at a few convincing reasons for businesses to include brochures in their marketing arsenal: It may all seem to be about social media and online materials these days, but the truth is people still want something to take away and go through.


Brochures are probably the handiest materials you can employ to convey to prospective customers the quality of your products or services. Retail outlets and businesses that experience a great deal of customer traffic usually have brochures with product information at the entrance of the store or in the waiting room. Finance institutions, for example, create brochures on every category of financial product for customers to review as they wait in the lobby. Marketers as well take brochures to many places to give out to prospective customers.


Marketing brochures comes with considerably more space for business and product details compared to other print materials, like a newspaper or magazine ad or direct mail letter or postcard. Even a basic trifold design provides for a colorful front page and five different segments for product and service information. It is possible to tell a story in a brochure over the layout and end it with a call to action. Also, coupons with special deals and discounts prompt immediate business.

Kinetic immediacy

As opposed to a website, a brochure is tangible. You can’t view a website without a computer or mobile phone but you can read through or explore a brochure anywhere, anytime. Stunning and impressive printed materials have the potential to hang around an office space or house for quite some time. These materials have constant visibility and that is an advantage. You could click away from a website leaving it in a minute, but the brochure is always present like a continuous “commercial” for your business. In a nutshell, prospects hang on to paper communication for a longer time.

Credibility and legitimacy

A nicely designed brochure gives legitimacy as it suggests a well-run and efficient organization which is an essential element in building confidence and trust on the part of the customer. The brochure gives credence and some weight to whatever you say about your business and proficiency.

There is no substitute for the personal touch

Besides the fact that a lot of prospects expect a serious business to have a brochure as a measure of credibility, the potential for personal interaction that it offers is extremely beneficial. Handing a brochure to a prospective customer is much like a warm and friendly handshake. As a matter of fact, research supports that there is a natural action to open something straight away that has been handed to you. A brochure is generally an important element for starting a relationship with the prospective customer that will culminate in a transaction.

Marketing is all about finding and retaining customers. A nicely –designed brochure is an important and effective tool that is both affordable and efficient in reaching new and existing customers for your business.

Not every customer is tech savvy

Not every customer is tech savvy and with hectic lifestyles most people are not always online. Even when you have a smartphone, at times you feel like really holding and reading all the information in a printed booklet. Keep in mind that if your information is written in a professional style and design, your prospective customer will keep your brochure and read through and check it out several times.

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